Monday, January 19, 2015

These Moments

While on my quest for more joy in my home, it has led me already down long forgotten paths.  Routines and activities that for one reason or another have been left out of our lives.  One of these is playing games.  If your house is anything like ours, then stashed on closet shelves or tucked away in closed corners you have boxes of board games.  I will admit for the first time in my life, I may be a board game addict.  Not that I am addicted to playing them, mind you.  But that I like to collect them.  And although having a nice collection of unique and fun games is nice, if all they do is take up space and collect dust whats the point right?

Each and every game was bought with the intention of bringing my family together around the table for a bit of fun and possibly some learning.  As I placed each box in my cart I imagined my family drawing just a bit closer to each other and having some time where we were all focused on each other and not on the other things in life.  I saw each small sacrifice of money as well spent since I was exchanging it for an opportunity to better my family.

Insert face palm with the faint sound of a mom shaking her head slowly side to side as she realizes that one great tool to help her in her quest of joy for her family has been hiding unused in the closet this entire time!  Sigh....

Well, enough with the regret.....lets play some games!

This week we played GEO BEE CHALLENGE.  (you need to say it with a deep announcers voice to make it right.)

I know it seems like an odd choice for our first game in a while, but we have been studying world geography in school and I thought the kids might get excited about the knowledge they now have.  And, I was right!  My daughter seemed surprised at herself at how many she got right.  I was quite proud of her.

The night was a success, and everyone seemed more at peace as we made our way towards bed time.  It is important for us as a family to stay connected, even if that means playing a silly board game to do it.  Now to dust off some more games....

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