Friday, January 16, 2015

On The Craft Table - January 16th

I had an amazing Christmas break filled with all sorts of creativity and inspiration.  Its amazing how creative I felt while we were away.  It was also wonderful to have unbroken hours to just craft at my leisure.  This post is about my creations that sprouted from over my Christmas break.  It took me a while to write this only because I was trying to get the right pictures, but alas, I couldn't get the pictures right, so I decided to write this post anyway.

First is my winter wreath.  I have been following the blog of Attic24 for over a year now and I am in LOVE with all of Lucy's creations and her creativity.  She made these beautiful wreaths for summer, spring and fall and I knew I wanted to make one.  ( She just posted about this very thing the day after I finished my wreath, check it out here) I put it off for almost a year, but no longer.  I really dislike having to take down Christmas decorations and how bare the house looks afterwards so I decided to make some winter decorations, including a wreath.

I decided to wrap the wreath with yarn instead of crocheting a cover.  It took surprisingly more patience and time than I thought.  I will try the crochet way next time.  My daughter also liked the idea of only partially covering the wreath, although my son just doesn't get it. "It doesn't go all the way around mommy!)  Here it is a little closer.  I love the colors!

I also made a banner to go with it.  I have a bank of four windows in the living room.  I don't have curtains on them but them seemed a little bare so I thought this might help.  Unfortunately the light from the windows made it hard to take pictures.  But you get the idea.

It says Let It Snow all in crochet handwork..  It needs a little work.  I want to spread the words out a bit more, and my daughter insists it needs an exclamation point. Hoping next week to fix that. Do you like my son's window penguins? It almost looks like they are going for a stroll on my back deck!

I have refined my pattern for making headbands and ear warmers.  Been needing these babies here lately.  It hasn't been above 10 degrees for a while.  I have given several of these away already and I know there are some happy ears out there.

 My mother also got me hooked on arm knitting.  I had heard about it but hadn't tried it.  I love it for making these scarfs.  Its so fast and easy and has a great effect.

Its funny but I hadn't noticed until I had all the pictures together that I seem to be in a blue and grey faze.  Must just be the winter.  Stay warm everyone!

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  1. Your wreath is beautiful, I love the cool icy blues you've used. I'm enjoying thinking an creating around the Winter season, it is definitely cheering up my January :)