Saturday, January 10, 2015

Quiet Moment

So I didn't quite reach my goal of getting up before the kids in the morning, but I did at least sit down with my pot of tea twice this week.  Of course it was at three in the afternoon but hey, who's keeping track right? When I did actually sit down it felt good to take a moment and regroup myself. We have been away from home for almost three weeks and there was much to get caught up on. First order of business was to figure out a meal plan and a grocery list. Being gone so long meant an empty fridge. It was the perfect chance for me to try out my new tea pot.

Isn't it adorable! Home Goods can be a dangerous place for anyone who likes to decorate their home.

Even though I didn't accomplish exactly what I set out to do I will say it was a good productive week and there is always next week to reach my goal.

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