Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years Resolution

I am not one who usually makes New Years Resolutions.  Honestly it seems to be a never ending set of resolutions all year long to eat better, exercise more and spend more quality time with my family.  But this year, I think I will make a resolution.  a very specific one in fact.  That probably has been my problem in the past is that I was not specific enough in my goal setting for my self.  I have always had a sense of what I wanted to change lingering in the recesses of my brain, but have never put pen to paper and made specific plans with exact details on how to pull it off.  That is....until now.

I guess you can say my first official resolution is to make specific plans for things I want to change.  That sounds like a resolution doesn't it.

So my second resolution is to wake up in the morning before the kids (I can hear my husband laughing right now), to make a pot of tea and take the quiet moment to ready myself for the day.  Now, if you know me at all, you would know that what I have just written will be a pretty tall order to pull off.  Lately, I am am entirely embarrassed to say that I haven't been getting out of bed until after 9 am. 

I can just hear the gasps of astonishment escaping the mouths of anyone who is daring to read this blog right now.  Dare I push it further and say that sometimes I don't change out of my pajamas until after lunch.  Crazy, right?  I can say it is one of the upsides to homeschooling, I can pretty much set my own schedule. 

The downside to this lovely habit I seem to have developed is that I lose a good part of my day and I never really feel focusssed or some times even prepared for the happenings of the day.  This leads to disorder, lots of unfinished goals, and occasionally a very disgruntled mom who may or may not become short with the children, or the husband, or really anyone who dares to come into my vicinity.

So, as you can see, I really do need to change. And change I will.  Some how, some way I will make this change. I am not sure yet exactly what I will do during this early morning, tea drinking time of focus. I guess I will have to ponder that in morning....if I actually get up that is.

Pray for a miracle won't you?

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