Thursday, October 23, 2014


I love trees.  I mean it, I really love trees.  I even went to college and studied them.  I have been known to run up to various trees and hug them.  Or to just stand in awe of them.  I find trees vastly inspiring.  From their beauty to their resilience.  Not to mention the crucial role they play in the life of this planet.  Take me to a forest and I will be happy.

Recently, we took a trip to the coast of Lake Michigan.  Off in the distance I saw a tree.  Normal enough, right?  Not if you looked closer, which I did.

As I approached the tree, this is what I saw....a mountain of roots!  Its hard to see in this picture but the base of the trunk of the tree was higher than me.  This caused me to wonder how this could have occurred. Is it possible that there was a sand dune here at one time which has slowly eroded away? How is this tree still alive, healthy, and standing?  Amazing right?  The strength and fortitude these trees must have just amazes me.  Just had to share the beauty.

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