Sunday, October 19, 2014

On The Craft Table....

I have hats!  First of all I love to craft.  Currently my craft habit revolves around crochet, knitting, spinning, felting and quilting.  At this moment I am "hooked" on crochet.  A great friend found a hat she liked and asked if I could make one for her.  The hat was beautiful and you can find the original here at liveinternet.  I said of course I could make that hat.  It didn't look that difficult, until I read the directions, or should I say tried to read the directions. The original directions are in Russian and though I do speak a bit, my vocabulary does not include crochet terms.  There is a "translation" which is supposed to be in English, but its not any English I understand.

So, whats a girl to do...

Make it up as I go, I guess.  So I present my first attempt at what I think I will call the Russian Spring Bonnet.

Not to bad if I say so myself, which I do.  I enjoyed this challenge and I learned a lot from it.  In fact my second, more refined hat is in progress right now.  This lovely hat though is bound for international travel as I have decided to give it to a good missionary friend.  All this spring flowery crafting has certainly helped brighten the gloomy days we've been having.

Since I have decided to set aside a bit of time everyday to craft, I have found myself calmer and more able to tackle the day.  I definitely have a need for artistic expression, which must have come from my mother, an artist. (thanks mom!) I have struggled in the past as seeing my crafting as something relegated only to the weekend or when everything is done in the house.  But now I recognize the role it plays in me just being me and how necessary it is for me to feel in balance.  So for now, I will continue on happily creating.

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  1. I LOVE this hat! I need one too.......not as perky, but you will know what will be perfect for me.