Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Russian Spring Bonnet Take Two....

Having been asked by a friend to make a certain hat, I have been catapulted down quite an exciting path.  Since my first attempt at making the hat didn't go quite as I wanted (you can see that post here), I went for a second attempt at the hat. it is....

I am quite happy with this version.  It came out much closer to what I was wanting.  I adjusted my pattern a bit and used a lighter weight yarn.  I definitely helps the spiral pattern to stand out more.  I am happy and so is my friend.  The best part though...

The decorations are changeable!  This was my friends great idea and I put it into action.  The bottom one is holly for Christmas. I will have to get a picture with her adorable daughter wearing it.

The new path I was talking about is actually and old one that I had stepped off a bit ago.  I have always wanted to turn my craft from just a hobby to a business.  Its been a  dream for a few years.  Not a full time business mind you, but a little on the side.  I was in the process of doing this, then some bumps in life happened and I had to sideline it.  But now I have my inspiration back again.  I'm blogging again, my crafting feels more inspired and I am finding tons of joy from it. So, we'll see where this path takes me.  

For right now though this path takes me over to Frontier Dreams where I finally get to participate in Keep Calm Craft On which I have been  watching for quite a while now.  I get so much inspiration from everyone who links up and I am proud that I can join the group.

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