Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hotel of Bees Crochet Along

 I finally participated in my very first crochet along, or CAL for short.  If you have never heard of one of these, they are very fun.  Usually a person or group of people decide to host the CAL ( there are also KAL for knitters).  The host chooses a pattern, then sets beginning and ending dates and invites others to join them.. Thanks to the wonders of the internet people from all over the world can be crocheting the same pattern at the same exact time.  There is usually a space to share pictures, ask questions, and basically interact with each other if you want.

I recently stumbled on to Cherry Hearts blog and her podcast.  It was there that I heard about the CAL.  She chose to do the Hotel of Bees pattern by Christina Hadderingh.  The shawl is based upon a setting from the book All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.  She explains more about the shawl on her blog A Spoon Full of Yarn.
 The pattern is very enjoyable to to do.  It has different stitches and colors involved.  The stitches all reference bees in some way.  In the above picture you can see I started with "wings" followed by small honeycomb.  Then there's "bees" made out of puff stitches followed by more honeycomb in filet crochet.
 Here's a much better picture while I was blocking it.
 It was fun to interact with others from different parts of the world.  It was also fun to see peoples different choices in colors and how they would do the pattern.  I definitely want to do another CAL again.  I probably will do this pattern again as well.  I did really enjoy it.  I will try to find a softer yarn for next time.  You can find the info on my shawl on my ravelry page.

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  1. I really like the large honeycomb of this scarf, it's always the part which catches my eye.
    You've chosen nice fresh colours, very nice.

    Thanks for Yarning Along with us.