Saturday, May 27, 2017

Fairy House For a Friend

I have the most amazing woman as one of my best friends.  I have no idea how I would have survived this past year without her.  She and her husband have become an important part of our family.  This past mothers day I wanted to do something special for her because she has helped me to become a better mother.  A while back she had tagged me on Facebook with a link to another page with the most darling fairy teapot that had been crochet.  ( what is the past tense for crochet?  anyone know?)  Here is the link:  adorable crochet fairy teapot.

I decided to make one for her.  The only problem was that the website was completely in Russian.  Now, while I do know a few Russian words, none of them helped me with this pattern.  Google translate was no help either.  So I decided to wing it.

I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do for next time.  And there will be a next time since my daughter really wants one now.  My favorite part was making the teeny tiny flowers.  They are no bigger than a dime!

Aren't they adorable!!

Unfortunately I was in a time crunch and didn't take the time to write down what I was doing.  This week I am going to take a bit of time and make a few more and write down the pattern so I can share it here.  I'm trying to think up another use for them besides decorating teapots. But,  the good news is that I was able to deliver the gift to my friend in time for Mother's Day, and she loved it!

Sometimes the best part of crafting is the giving of it to others,  Have you gifted any special projects recently?

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  1. Mahalo for your sweet comment today on my blog. Your crochet skills are amazing! This teapot cozy is so awesome. I'm sorry you were so sick last week. I hope you kicked that bug to the curb.